Tone Thieves @ The Rainbow

Just Another Day

Confidence on Soundcloud

Yardbird Poster 20th Nov 7pm

Gig at the A&B

Was a long day yesterday, but we actually got round to playing a full set of the new material from the album and felt ace to be playing tunes to people again. Filled the mailing list as well! Really happy with how the gig went and to such an ace audience. Looking forward to Yardbird now on 20th November – free entry too

Set for tomorrow

Much looking forward to tomorrow at the Actress and Bishop. First tone thieves gig. Feels good to be getting this album live and up to scratch. Will follow up how all goes.


First post!

Welcome to our new site. We will soon be updating and letting you know about our time in the recording studio and when you can expect to hear the new album. Were very much looking forward to releasing it and are even more excited about our live performances. Hopefully coming to a venue near you.